About us

Our Vision

We strive to be the preferred independent motor dealership in the country by delivering exceptional value and remarkable service to our customers. We aspire to offer every client an unforgettable buying experience by:

  • Treating every client as an individual, with unique needs.
  • Leading with integrity.
  • Showing our clients the true meaning of excellent service delivery.

Our Mission


We function as a family, work honorably, and make every effort to exceed the expectations of our Customers

We too buy cars for cash from you

Heinrich & Seuns Motors, where we buy cars too, was established in 2006.

We are an independent dealership founded by Heinrich Sche√ľn. We are fully committed to offer the best value for money used vehicles in the motor industry. We pride ourselves on good values as well as doing honest business, and our team of friendly staff will try to make every purchase experience memorable.

Whether you want to safely sell your car or you would like to buy a car, contact our dedicated sales team.

We will buy your car and supply finance through most of the major financial institutions for your new car; our team will help you with the whole selling process or the application for your new car to the delivery of your new vehicle.

Contact us today if you would like us to safely buy your car or if you are in the market for a vehicle upgrade.

We buy cars for cash any time and day of the week